General terms and conditions

§1 Processing of order documents
can only begin when:

  • all necessary documents are available in full
  • we have received the fee

The basic fee for our service, which refers exclusively to the official preparation of your wedding in DK., as well as hotel bookings, can be paid in cash, by cheque, by bank transfer or by cash payment directly to our bank account.
It is not considered paid until the amount has been credited in full to our account.
Only then can appointments be reserved and travel documents be sent.
By submitting/delivering the documents, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions.

§2. Receipt and dispatch of documents
The client will be notified automatically when we have received all necessary documents and payment. If there is something wrong with the documents, you will be informed immediately. On this occasion, any open questions or misunderstandings will also be clarified and the confirmation of the date of marriage as well as the day of arrival and departure will be announced. From this moment on you will also receive a telephone number where you can contact the responsible person directly.
We accept no liability for delayed deliveries caused by deliverers.
Timely sending of your personal documents and complete completion of our marriage declaration is an absolute condition for the completion of your order.
If it turns out at a later date that the documents and visas or copies thereof were forged or falsified, or the decisive facts regarding the period of validity of visas were concealed, so that the marriage cannot take place on the planned date, the agency fee will in principle not be refunded. In these cases, we reserve the right to take legal action against the customer.

§3 Liability for submitted original documents and copies
We accept no liability for documents that are lost in the mail. Therefore, you should only use copies.

§4. Place of residence of bride & groom in DK
The place of residence of the bride & groom in DK must be verifiably in the municipality where the banns are held.

§5. Withdrawal / cancellation of the order
21 working days before departure, no reimbursement thereafter, but rebooking possible within 90 days to a new date. Cancellation charges are 21 working days and more before departure:
100,- € if no travel documents have been sent. If the travel documents were sent prematurely (21 working days ago) on request, no more cancellations can be made. Therefore, you should wait for the documents to be sent automatically before you arrive.
Cancellations must be made in writing and can only be made by the bride & groom in the absence of a valid power of attorney to third parties.

§6. Additional costs
The fee for the registry office as well as travel and hotel expenses are your responsibility. Hotel costs are to be paid at the hotel concerned, the registry office fees at the registry office concerned.

§7. Crossing the border and residence
We do not take any responsibility for possible problems with border crossings. Persons who have entered the Schengen States (United States of Europe (USE)) as tourists must be able to prove their permitted stay not only with us, but also at the registry office in Denmark. There is no refund of fees if the prescribed documents are not brought along or if the Office rejects an illegal stay in case of missing or invalid visas. People who need a Schengen visa because of their nationality must see to it themselves.

§8. Registration at the registry office
The registration at the registry office must be made punctually according to the travel documents. We do not take responsibility if you arrive late or not.

§9 Place of jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is Naumburg/Saale.

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