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Maryam and Mehrdad

If I could give more stars I would! Mrs. Seyffarth was so wonderful and so kind and helped us through our process and we can't thank her enough! I'm from the United States and my husband is from Germany, it is extremely hard to marry in Germany so we thought why not in Denmark? Mrs. Seyffarth was so helpful and kind and always available that she made us so comfortable and really made our experience something to remember. Honestly we can't thank her enough for being so diligent, thoughtful and patient through our process. We got married in Denmark and we are so beyond happy to finally be an official married couple. I reccomend everyone to give Mrs. Seyffarth a chance if they're looking to get married. It's simple, she's a kind-hearted woman, she's patient with you, she's always available if you have any questions, and she wants the best for you and your partner. She is amazing and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for us! Thank you sweetheart you're an angel. My husband and I are forever grateful to you.

Nery und Jörg

My wife is from Venezuela, I from Germany. It hasn't been possible for us to fulfill the requirements for a marriage in Germany. That's why we turned to Ms Seyffarth for help. Mrs. Seyffarth organized the wedding in Ribe, Denmark for us. At first she advised us very well and in detail by telephone. She supported us for compilation of the necessary documents, organized the necessary translations and arranged the appointment with the registry office for the wedding. For questions we could reach her at any time and her informations have been always very helpful. She helped us to find a suitable accommodation, a photographer, a flower shop and a hairdresser.
So we were able to marry on 17.04.2018 in Ribe, Denmark. We would like to thank Mrs. Seyffarth on this way. We also give her 5 stars, we were very satisfied.
Best regards Nery and Jörg


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