We make it possible

Marriage in Denmark for German and multinational couples without much effort and nevertheless something special!

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Marriage in Denmark for German and binational but also same-sex couples

Getting married in nearby Denmark with our marriage agency "Gemeinsame Zunkunft" is surprisingly simple, unbureaucratic, romantic and attractively priced.

Our offer is primarily aimed at binational couples who find it particularly difficult to get married in Germany. German and EU couples are also welcome, as are same-sex couples.

What you should know about us as a marriage agency "Gemeinsame Zukunft"

We are a professional marriage agency, not hobby brokers. We have been organising weddings or marriages in Denmark for 15 years - you benefit from our many years of experience!

All processes and arrangements are in our hands, so you don't have to worry about whether you have thought of everything. So when you book our service, you will never be disappointed with the Danish authorities.

As a special service we offer you the possibility to realize your individual wedding dream at different locations in Denmark. Our arrangements should serve you as a basis for your wedding, whereby we will gladly take your personal wishes into account and let them flow.

Focal points of our service for you:

  • free telephone consultation (by appointment) to prepare your wedding in Denmark in english
  • Expert advice with regard to the legalization of your documents
  • Express processing of your documents
  • Organization of Super-Blitz wedding without overnight stay
  • Organization of Blitz wedding
  • Translations into German and certification of your documents by our sworn translators - all languages
  • Organization of beach weddings
  • Organization of civil weddings in a Danish church
  • Organization of same-sex marriages
  • Organisation of civil weddings on Saturdays and Sundays without pre-registration & overnight stay
  • Solutions for difficult cases, even without a single certificate

Use the charm of Denmark for your dream wedding

Traditional wedding

At most registry offices, the bridal couple register in person one working day before the wedding. We also offer marriage dates without pre-registration & accommodation.

Blitz wedding

You want to get married fast and uncomplicated and preferably immediately? Processing time only 2 working days! Blitz- and Super-Blitz weddings also possible without overnight stay!

Premium wedding

Instead of a town hall wedding ceremony: Marriage on the beach of the Baltic Sea or North Sea, on a lighthouse, on a boat, in a stylish old manor house or in a castle garden.

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