Our service for you

Get married in Denmark with the complete service - so you get married quickly and carefree.

Service summary

Our service include:

  • Counselling
    This contains all information about the course of your wedding ceremony. We will inform you about the necessary documents and valid entry regulations.
  • Checkup
    of your documents for completeness
  • Relaying
    and booking your marriage date
  • Translation service
    Your required documents will be translated into German and certified by our sworn translators.
  • Hotel and restaurant reservations
    Due to our experience and good local knowledge, we are able to recommend and reserve the hotel and restaurant that suits your wishes and ideas.
  • Route planning
    We will provide you with detailed directions to your hotel and wedding venue.
  • Photos and Video
    Photos from a professional photograph are still after years a great memory of your most beautiful day.
  • Flowers
    Whether bridal bouquet, table decoration or badge, we have the suitable florist for you.
  • Invitation cards
    We also have the right partner for your invitation cards.

Or do you have wishes and questions?

Arrange a consultation appointment with us, we certainly have a solution for each of your wishes!

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